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Season : May - End September

Madeira's Blue Marlin  season starts when warm water is pushed up from the south bringing the schools of bait which the marlin love to hunt.  Depending on conditions the season starts in May and runs all the way through September. It is not unknown for Marlin to be caught as early as April or as late  November. The peak of the season is from halfway through June ,July & August. In these months there are several tournaments which you can participate in as well as the world famous Blue Marlin World Cup which is held on the 4th of July. This tournament is the most prestigious in the world with prize money of over 1.000.000 Euro's. In the last 6 years Madeira boats have won this tournament 3 times !

Cape Verde

January - August

Boca Raton Fishing Charters partners with one of the best captains in the world who is located in Cape Verde. Zak Conde is a name known throughout the community and he runs the boat " Deceiver" in Cape Verde.

Due to it's more southerly location the fishing in Cape Verde starts earlier than in Madeira. Peak times are January - April.

Many fish over 1000 lbs have been caught in Cape Verde so this is also one of the destinations which will enable you to catch that "fish of a lifetime". Cape Verde was also the location of the winning fish in the 2020 Blue Marlin World Cup with a weight of 934 Lbs.

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