Our rendez-vous point is the terrace of the bar-restaurant “Aki Kalheta” in the Calheta marina. We’ll meet you there 30 minutes before the start of your trip, so we can get acquainted and discuss details of your trip.

During a full day charter, we fish between 10am and 6pm. During a half day charter, we fish either between 10am and 2pm or between 2pm and 6pm.

That depends on the type of fishing. Bottom fishing can basically be done all year round. Big game fishing starts late April with tuna. Marlin and other bill fish usually reach Madeira starting late May, while Wahu is more common in September and October.

No you don’t. Our crew will guide you every step of the way based on your level of proficiency.

Madeira has a very moderate climate, with temperatures in summer ranging between 22 and 28 degrees.

If you’re not sure, it’s good to take a pill and eat something before you board. They are available in every pharmacy and we have some on the boat. Alternatively, chewing on a slice of fresh ginger has been proven a great alternative.

For sure! In fact, some of the most successful anglers are women. Big game fishing is much more a skills game than a strength game.

We suggest a minimum age of 8. From that age, children can participate in bottom fishing and because of the high chances of catching a fish, it makes for a fun filled, exciting family activity. For trolling, we suggest a minimum age of 12.

There’s a very good chance of that. In fact, tuna often hunt with dolphins. And whilst we can’t stop the boat while trolling, dolphins tend to use the bow water to come and play and rid themselves of parasites. Because these highly intelligent creatures use sonar for hunting, they never mistake the lures at the back of the boat for a fish.

Your charter price covers working hours of your crew, but they don’t mind a little extra financial appreciation for their efforts. In case or a successful completion of a big game hook up, it is customary to tip, as the skill and experience it takes to land a fish is not entirely without risk for our crew.

Our captain and crew speak Portuguese, English and some German. Our booking staff speaks Portuguese, English, German, French and Dutch.

You pay a deposit through this website and can settle the balance cash on arrival.

We understand that a vacation doesn’t always go as planned. You will find more information on our cancellation policy here.

We have very little control over the weather and water conditions. Strong winds, high swells and waves can make it uncomfortable of downright unwise to go out. We study the conditions before your trip closely. If we have any doubts, we will work with you to reschedule your trip, or refund your deposit when this is impossible.