Meet the Team

Gonçalo Barbosa

Gonçalo Barbosa (1984)

With the Atlantic ocean omnipresent, it is no surprise that Gonçalo’s childhood dreams were of a life at sea. He has made them all come true. Very few people on Madeira have his unique set of competencies: fisherman, boat builder, engineer, host.
Beneath his ‘viking’-looks lies a friendly, open and optimistic personality you will come to like and appreciate from the moment you meet him.

Nothing escapes his watchful eye, whether on deck, below deck or in the water. He applies the same high quality standards to all aspects of his work, starting with your experience on board. Whilst searching for the species of your choice, he will also direct your attention to other wildlife such as whales, dolphins, sea turtles and sharks. If he doesn’t spot it, it’s most probably not around!

Claudio D’Agrella

Claudio D’Agrella (1963)

Born and raised in Brazil, Claudio has spent the majority of his professional life on and under the water. Diving, spear fishing and big game fishing are his passion as much his profession. For Claudio, fishing is serious business. Watching him bring a marlin next to the boat is an experience you won’t easily forget!

During the day, he is never too busy to share some of his tips and tricks on request, so you’re more than likely to pick up a few new skills along the way!

Emma Paagman

Emma Paagman (2000)

With skills and endurance being more important than pure strength, many women are (very) successful anglers. The “Girls fish too”-movement certainly has a passionate member in Emma. With multiple fish and a ‘best angler’ award to her name, she is living proof why big game fishing isn’t just for the boys.

Up until the day of your charter, Emma is your first point of contact. In her role as bookings manager, she will be happy to assist you with any questions you might have.

Frits Paagman

Frits Paagman (1967)

Frits was due to take to water at some point, growing up as child in the Netherlands. Once Adrian introduced him to the thrill and adventure of big game fishing, he was ‘hooked for life’.

As the owner of Boca Raton, he couldn’t be more proud of his team and their achievements! Frits oversees the general state of affairs and manages the corporate angle of our operation.

Adrian Bowmer

Adrian Bowmer (1967-2023)

With us in spirit, Adrian was brought up fishing and hunting with his father. The ocean was his second big love after his family and being able to run his own charter operation was a dream come true. We miss him dearly but we also know we now have a guardian angel ‘on steroids’, watching over us each wave we cross.