Fishing Dreams in Madeira

It’s July 2011 when big game angler Adrian Bowmer discovers Madeira as the ultimate location for big game fishing. It marks the beginning of many fishing trips over the years to come, during which the island becomes his favorite place to relax and unwind because of its spectacular natural beauty, great food, moderate climate, friendly people…..and unparalleled fishing!

Fast forward to 2018, when Adrian and his partner Frits start to relocate to Madeira. Operating their own big game fishing boat is the next logical step. That possibility opens in 2020, when they acquire “Boca Raton”, a 31ft Blackwatch boat specifically designed for its purpose and perfectly suited for the unique layout of Madeira’s coastal waters.

The opportunity is complete when captain Gonçalo Barbosa decides to join the new team and in 2021 “Boca Raton Fishing Charters” takes to the waters after a complete overhaul.

Over the next two summers, Boca Raton re-establishes its reputation of one of the most successful boats on Madeira and both boat and crew are looking forward to the season of 2023.

But then tragedy strikes. On February 15th, Adrian passes away in his sleep completely unexpectedly. Grief stricken but determined, Gonçalo and Frits decide to continue Adrian’s dreams, assisted by seasoned crewman Claudio D’Agrella.