Fishing Charters in Madeira


Season: May - End September

Madeira formed from a series of volcanic eruptions hundreds of thousands of years ago (there’s a great museum on the island should you like to learn more). Today, the island measures five kilometers in height, of which the top two rise above the water. Below the water line, the south side of the island has a plateau of around 1 mile that ranges in depth from 150 to 450 meters. From the drop off line of that plateau, depths plummet to three kilometers. When trolling, we fish the areas surrounding the drop off line, as sight hunting predators like tuna and bill fish species tend to chase their bait into shallower waters, making it easier to drive them towards the surface.

These volcanic conditions make Madeira the ideal spot for both bottom fishing and trolling, as our fishing grounds literally start right outside the marina entrance. This means your fishing times with us are full fishing times, as we don’t need to reach far away destinations and you don’t have to leave in the very early hours of the morning, or return after dark.