Boca Raton Fishing Charters

Thank you for booking with us

You will find us at Calheta Marina (Madeira).
Call Goncalo: +351 914 193 191 or send us an email if you want to talk to us prior to your trip.

We hope you are as excited about your upcoming trip as we are to have you on board! We operate from the Marina of Calheta. If you use your own transportation, we advise you to park in the parking garage. The entrance is on the roundabout close to the Savoy Saccharum hotel.

Our rendez-vous point is the terrace of “Aki Kalheta” on the west side of the marina, where you will meet our captain and crew. Most of our customers arrive about 30 minutes before the start of their trip.

We have sun tan lotion on board, but it may be a good idea to bring some of your own. Also, don’t forget your sunglasses (preferably with polaroid lenses) and your own bath towel. A cap or hat is advisable, just like a sweater, hoodie or light jacket in case the wind suddenly picks up at sea. If you wear shoes, please make sure they have white or light coloured soles.